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 Beebe, Arkansas
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Vintage Cycles

Re-Cycled Vintage Parts Lamp
Porcelain Socket,  Long Cord
No Shade
$150.00 & shipping

 Vespa Man
aka Buck Nekkid

Baby Buck Nekkid rides again!

World's 1st Airbag!

Check out the BRAT bikes!
(These are NOT our BRAT bikes(yet))

Luv those BRATS!

Check out the Deus bikes 

Check out these BRATS!  



These are Yamaha XT500's that we plan to brat out(unless we sell them first!).
Lots of parts will go. 
Tanks will be polished, shorter seats, airboxes removed, hidden electrics, etc.
We call them "The Brat Wursts" ! 

A Japanese semi-bratted TT500.

XT500 bratted by Wrench Monkees

1963 Ford Econoline Pickup
Future Vintage Bike Hauler 

We also have 
'60's-'70's Yamaha NOS pistons
38mm - 80mm






Brat Bike Links!


Just a Bunch o' Brats

Heiwa Brats

Our Favorite Brats!

Deus Ex Machina

Bratstyle Tokyo

  The Most Interesting Man in the World
"Stay Bratty, My Friends"

Old BUCO helmet
When men were men and helmets were thin!

Early Hallman Roost Protector
Before there was THOR(Torsen Hallman Off Road),
there was Hallman.


Diamond Chapter
AR Antique Motorcycle Club


State Line Speed

Arkansas Biker

Wrench Monkees
 - Cafe Racer Builders

Twin Line Motorcycles - Cafe Racer Builders 

Falcon Motorcycles
 Classic Dirtbike Magazine

Red Marley Hill Climb 
Now that's a RACE!

 Japanese Motorcycle Club 

Cafe Racer Magazine

 Video of 1930's California Hill Climb Contest

MOTOLANNA - Cafe Racer Parts 

1915 Cyclone Board Track Racer
sold at auction for
I wish that I hadn't scrapped those 2 that I had!


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